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We’re going on a short break.

My beloved blog reader,

My life has been very busy lately. Vet school has halted almost everything in my life; my day starts as early as 4am and ends by 11pm. I write tests everyday and it’s just been God’s grace. I’ve also been involved in a couple of projects, some of which I’m even privileged to lead and it’s totally engulfed my time.

I’m committed to blessing lives and transforming minds and I’m still dedicated to the first goal of establishing this blog; bringing solace to people.

It is to this end that I’m going on a few days retreat to spend some time exclusively with God and for wisdom and clarity on how to represent Him better. I have a few days break from school and I decided to seize the opportunity.
Thank you for always reading the blog. The fact that you’re reading this post shows that you actually came to the blog in search of a new post. I’m grateful for every click and every share. God bless you greatly

I’ll be away for a few days which may span into weeks but I’ll definitely be back by the end of the month.

Please feel free to read previous posts and get blessed again.

I love you all so much from the depth of my heart.

Yours in Love,
Dupe ❤

5 thoughts on “We’re going on a short break.

  1. We love you too Dupe

  2. I love you too!
    Have a “Spirit-filled” retreat… I await a more spirited you❤

  3. We await your return Dupe… Have a fruitful experience!

  4. Grace for you Ma. May the Lord fill you up. I Love and celebrate you dearly

    1. God bless you sis

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