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Why We Honor Apostle Joshua Selman || 10 People Share Their Life Changing Experiences With God’s Servant

In a world characterized by prejudice, hatred and rejection, it’s always a breath of fresh air finding someone who neither judges nor condemns you but loves you unconditionally.
This is why we love Jesus. His love for us is bigger than our flaws and mistakes.

This is the love we’re called to replicate to the world and one that Apostle Joshua Selman so beautifully demonstrates..

Another 25th of June is here, a day the Lord bestowed upon the earth a rare entity; the answer to the prayers of many. The day our beloved Apostle Joshua Selman was born.
If you’ve been on this blog before then this probably isn’t news to you but if not then welcome.

Apostle Joshua Selman is revelatory teacher of the Word of God, a follower of Christ and a servant to His purposes on earth. He is a man totally consumed with Love for God and people.
He has been a great catalyst in my life and many times, I wonder what path I’d have been on by now, had I not met him.

God’s Word in his mouth has brought liberation and salvation to many.

Two years ago, I made a commitment before God to publish a blog post to honor him every year on his birthday. There is so much information on the internet about him, a bulk of which are not accurate but I committed myself to publishing only facts I’m sure of, with the aim of blessing the Body of Christ and honoring God’s servant.

There are many reasons why Apostle Joshua Selman is loved and honored all around the world. A few include; his love for God, people and the Church, his passion to see people blessed, his patience to have paid the price for the anointing that is bringing thousands into Christ and new dimensions in Him and many more.

10 amazing people shared their experiences with God’s servant on Dupe’s Blog, how he affected their lives and why they love him.

Pastor Felix and Esther Bamirin

Graceway Church
Round Rock, Austin, Texas. USA.

Apostle Joshua Selman is one of the few truly called servants of God walking in the Apostolic anointing in contemporary time. My first encounter with him was online during one of the Abeokuta Believers’ meetings hosted by Pastor Sola Osunmakinde.

The introduction of him as the next speaker kept me awake at 4am CST.
I had to see what manner of man he was and I did see and I was hooked on him since then. Apostle is so addictive; once you hear him, you’ll always want to hear him.

My greatest love for Apostle is in his balanced and profound teachings, simplicity of expressions and personal relationship and love for people.

Meeting him personally was so endearing. I really love Apostle Selman. A man so powerful in the things of God yet so meek and humble.
In him you find a combination of almost all the different expressions of the Christian life. He is indeed a system as I always say.
Apostle, this is wishing you a very Happy birthday. You have become to us and our ministry a door into the deeper things of God and the mysteries of the Kingdom. Sir, my wife and I sincerely appreciate your friendship and love. Thank you for being such a unique gift to the body of Christ. We pray that you’ll wax stronger still and your impact will increase greatly still in the earth in Jesus name.

Christian Oganbule

Federal University of Technology, Akure

It all started in my third year as an undergraduate. A friend of mine walked up to me and said “Man of God, let me bless you”. He collected my laptop and transferred some of Apostle’s messages to it.
I didn’t take note of what he did until I got to my hostel. I decided to play one of the messages “The Emergence Part 1”.
My goodness! it was as though I hadn’t read my Bible in years with the level of demystification of concepts that were earlier mysterious to me.
Since then, I had been following Apostle’s messages for enlightenment but then I found out there was more.

In his messages, there is transformation, impartation of graces, attainment of strange results and possibilities to walk in the anointing in stock for me.

Thank you Apostle for paying the price to bring us truths from the Word. I truly honor and celebrate you.

Pastor Gideon and Matildah Owonubi

GloryLife International

We love Apostle Joshua Selman for many reasons, a few of them include:

1.A genuine heart of love for God and people. He is an embodiment of love.

2. His unwavering decision and drive to pay the price to be a blessing to his generation.

3. The spirit of excellence at work in him.

Apostle Joshua Selman is the most balanced man of God we know. He is determined to have results in all aspects of his life and to lead the Body of Christ into that balance.

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Onuoha Edward.

Afe Babalola university

In 2016, I was invited to a programme that was to happen in my school. It was termed “Youth Alive- the awakening”.
I sat down like every normal average student, watching as Apostle graced the stage.

When Apostle began to speak, that atmosphere shifted, and I along with it.

He deposited curiosity in me in just ten minutes. The second day I came very early. And as Apostle taught, I felt my spirit taste something that nothing of this material world could compare to.
I saw eternal truths captured in human words. It was that meeting, that made me surrender.
The curiosity became hunger, my search became desperation. Nothing made sense but to know Jesus. I sat under him and I grew in stature. I am still under him. The gift of Apostle, is one I cannot fail to thank God for. He is a true representative, and I see Christ in Him. I pray for more grace.
Happy birthday Apostle

Michael Kumekor

Heavenly Blitz

I remember vividly being in the company of young engineering believers reminiscing on their ‘moments of divine encounters’.
I inquired if it was a great coliseum and was shocked in discovering there were no seats in this meeting.
I thought, ‘what’s all the fuss about? ‘
These folks were ebullient about the encounters they anticipated at the meeting that night.
The nuances of my disposition disapproved this ‘hoax’ to ensure my attendance. I vehemently resisted any artifice engaged to either woo or hoodwink me in attending the meeting.
Amidst this flood of persuasion, I drowned to the insistent plea and acquiesced eventually.
At exactly midnight in the chapel premises, While he admonished us, the presence of God came strong upon me and melted me literally as tears filled my eyes.
Seeing the presence of God so palpable in the meetings and his words, a hunger for the pursuit of God was formed in me to experience same.

My father, Apostle Joshua Selman, is a stalwart of giving time for the formation of things. He has instructed us umpteen times how time creates depth, accuracy, originality, precision and most importantly, maturity.
I call him my dynast and covering and he is the accurate portrait of spiritual fatherhood.

My father has taught me patience, love, humility. he has given me wisdom, counsel, grace, platform, training, trust, rebuke, and comfort that contributed largely to my person today.

Charles McCarthy

University of Cape Coast,
Tema Community 22

I was introduced to Apostle Joshua Selman by a good friend three years ago through some of his messages. The first message I listened to was “The Price for an Extraordinary Anointing”.
It got me wondering throughout the week. From that week, my desire to listen to more of his messages was built up.

My understanding has been enlightened, knowledge built up, prayer life activated and I believe that, in due time I will be a blessing to my generation.

Thank God for the power of technology for a man who is about twenty(20) hours from my community, has become my mentor, father, teacher, coach and a spiritual covering.

Forever I am grateful for the life of Apostle.
Thank you Apostle Joshua Selman for not disappointing your generation of which some us have discovered our purpose and destiny.
God bless richly Sir. We Love you Sir.

Pastor Alemede Segun

The Father’s Delight International Ministry

Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak. I feel like I remember the first day I noticed him on campus, in Chemistry Tutorial class. He exuded top brilliance but thick humility, he barely said a word but he had the answer to one very important question.
Every time I hear him say “I’m not stupid, if I wanted fame I can write a book” I can relate with that statement.

Apostle is not in ministry out of the desperation to succeed, he is called of God.
I was part of the beautiful movement (ENI) that translated to what we now have as Koinonia today and my life was totally transformed.

One night, Apostle (Bro Josh or Selman as we called him then) asked for the sick to come out, he usually prayed for them himself but that night was different, he began to call names of people to come out and pray for them and he mentioned my name “Segun, come out and lay hands on the sick”

That was one of the most amazing days of my life. He made a very bold, faith stirring statement; “all these people are men of God receive your healing”. That encounter is one I never recovered from.
Apostle endorsed me publicly, wow! I will never stop being grateful for that day.

Apostle was the first person to send me out to a meeting, not just to preach but to represent him. At that time some people didn’t even believe I was called to minister in that capacity. Apostle Joshua Selman Believed in me, he still does very much. He loved me, he still does. He trusted me and he hasn’t stopped.

Apostle Joshua Selman has been a great influence over my life and his love for me makes room for me to be a better man.

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Darpi Sarki Deborah

Deem Styles Accessories

I met Daddy in 2013 after a friend invited me to Koinonia, I was in 100level then.
Meeting him has changed my life all round, he practically shows you it is possible to live a well balanced life.
He opened my life to seeing that LIFE IS SPIRITUAL and governed by principles one must follow to be successful.
It is a privilege to hear, learn and be blessed by him and I bless God for such an opportunity.

Rampyal Kparmwang

The Latter House Christian Centre

It’s easy for me to pick out very powerful punchlines from Apostle Joshua Selman’s messages…but honestly, that’s probably going to be the least of the dimensions that I would have accessed from him.

Beyond his messages, what make him a great blessing to me personally is who he is becoming.
The way he keeps rising in influence is astonishing. The way he keeps gaining access to uncommon wisdom puts me in perpetual bewilderment.

Yet in all this, he still has a consistent and deep sense of hunger and humility.

It is his resilience to the word and unparalleled conviction that I truly admire.
Happy Birthday Sir!

Oluwatobi Ampitan

In 2006, there was a major crisis on campus (ABU) between Christian and Muslim ladies that resulted to a Christian lady being beaten recklessly by some muslim female students.
In the early hours of the morning, word got to the Christians about the situation and they were very furious and made up their minds that those muslim ladies must be dealt with.
The female hostel was surrounded by muslim brothers dressed in their complete regalia and turbaned…..really felt like a movie…
I can’t really remember if they were holding weapons but they were willing to die to defend those Muslim ladies for doing what they stand for.
The tension was so much that Bishop David Bakere had to come on campus to address the Christian students to embrace peace. This further resulted in total shut down of the school until the situation was remedied.

In the midst of this tension, I was privileged to find myself in Apostle Joshua Selman’s room then in Danfodio hostel in Ahmadu Bello University.
He was with his 5 brothers and we were praying for the school.

At the same time he was addressing us on the situation and how everything that happens around us is as a result of Christians failing to take charge and responsibility of their environment.
I sat down in that room that morning wondering what manner of man this was that exuded this dimension of wisdom. As usual after the meeting, he took us out to eat at a joint around former Stanbic IBTC Bank adjacent to north gate (now JAIZ Bank).

I can still remember what I ate; white rice and beans with stew and fish. After that encounter I knew this man was a man worth following and listening to.
Over the years, Apostle has been a tremendous blessing.

Just to mention a few, I have learnt;
-How to be responsible and that there is a price dimension to life.
-The Law of Encounter which is second to none
-The Law of Honor.
-The Law of value, competence and mastery.
-How to truly love and discern the body of Christ.
-Intimacy and partnership with the Holy Spirit and how a man can not truly be a blessing except He is Anointed.
Daddy has truly been a blessing and has impacted my life in no small way.
I wish him a Happy Birthday and many more years of Impact to our generation

Today, we celebrate a man of Impact, Grace and the Anointing; Apostle Joshua Selman. I am a life changed because you heard God.

May your life continue to reflect the Glory of our King and may you never know a better yesterday.

The World is a better place because of you daddy. Happy birthday sir.

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Remain where you last heard God.

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