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10 Simple Habits for an Organized and Tidy Life

Lately, I’ve been working towards becoming more organized and hygienic. Not like I’m a squalid or grumpy person, I just want to become more intentional about being well ordered, neat and tidy. No one was born all prim and proper. Every organized person had to learn and through constant practice, it became a habit.

I’ve observed and seen that these habits make you more efficient and productive and even makes your life bring Glory to God more. It’s easier to handle pressure when you plan and organize your life ahead of time. It’s also easier to deal with busy days when you already have a healthy/hygienic lifestyle.

Below are 10 simple habits to adopt for a more organized and hygienic life.

1. Always spread out the clothes you wore out after a long day. (Preferably under the sun)

After a day at work, school or any form of outing, we tend to just fling our clothes somewhere around and later fold it back or hang it in the closet. This is wrong because sweats and dirt have clung to that clothing and even though you can’t see them, they are harmful to your health. Spreading clothes out, especially under the sun, rids it of most bacteria.

2. Use Sticky Notes.

Sticky notes are my go-to every and any time. Whether they’re on your device or actual sticky notes which you stick around the house, they’re a great way to become more organized. I use the one on my phone and laptop more because it’s easier for me. I post my schedules, deadlines, scriptures, reminders, tests and exams, quotes and more. It helps me feel a lot more energised and reminded of things I have to do.

Always allow your clothes dry completely before putting them away in boxes or closets.

Most classes of bacteria grow optimally in damp and moist environment and your clothes are no exceptions. When you spread wet clothes, ensure they’re very dry before you take them in, if not, then iron them. Ironing kills any bacteria present and inhibits them from multiplying in your clothes. This also applies to your body towels.

4. Plan your day ahead.

Most times, we just jump right into our day and that’s why we have so many collisions during the course of that day. Cultivate the habit of taking a few minutes to pray in bed and think into the day. Write down appointments, dates, classes, tasks and so on and mentally prepare for them. When you’re ready for the planned, it’ll be easier to handled the unplanned.

5. Wash your plates immediately after your meal.

If you live alone or with a few people, draft out a plan for tasks like doing the dishes. Ensure that dishes are cleaned and put away immediately they’re used. This keeps your sink or kitchen looking tidy all the time. This may not be very feasible if you have a large family but it helps.

6. Use Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Some bacteria are naturally present on the skin and are harmless but sometimes lead to sweating and odor. Strenuous activities lead to sweating also and could lead to odour. Adopt the habit of using deodorants everyday and antiperspirants on busy days to keep your body fresh. Antiperspirants temporarily block your sweat glands and reduce sweat while deodorants eliminate odor.
Also use perfumes because smelling nice is good business. ?

7. Give everything a home

Books, clothes, shoes, files, bowls and so on. Let everything have a place. No item should be left guessing where to stay. Create a system that ensures that everything is where it should be at all times and even when they’re not, they have a place to be returned to. I also recommend having a miscellaneous box. A box that temporarily houses random items before they are returned to their appropriate places.

8. Eat more Fruits.

Fruits are very high in fibre and water so you can never really have too much of them but if it’s not a habit for you yet, start by eating them at least every 3 days. An apple, two bananas, grapes, water melons and so on. Fruits are very low in calories, reduce the risk of many deadly diseases and make you healthier.

9. Know when to discard things.

I have an issue with letting go, generally, both of humans and of things. Growing up, I realized that I always wanted to hoard things; empty cans, used up perfumes, old bags, etc. I had this mindset of “they would come in handy”. Most of which, never did.

I’m learning how to let go of things around me when they’re no longer needed. I think you should too. Periodically declutter.

Get rid of old clothes, empty cans and other useless items around. This makes your room/house more tidy and even creates space for new things.

10. Start from where you are.

Some of the things I shared above may seems irrelevant to you now because you probably don’t have your own place yet or you think where you stay is not even encouraging. I advice that you apply them regardless. Do not despise the days of little beginnings because he that is faithful in little will be given more. Adopt these healthy habits now and make them a mindset, in no time, your mind which is the most powerful force, will attract a better environment to your life.

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