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A Fall from Grace Movie || Stop Criticizing Tyler Perry!

Incase you haven’t seen the movie, this is not a spoiler. So you can read on.

So, yesterday I saw A fall from grace.

A movie directed, written and produced by Tyler Perry.

Prior to then, I had seen the trailer of this movie on Twitter, last year. To my surprise, Tyler Perry came under fire especially from the black community because of this movie.

Their grudge was that his movies always had to do with sad black women. They were angry because of the stereotype against black women in his movies. Always portraying them as either sad, angry, bitter, depressed, unfulfilled or mad.

Movies like “Diary of the Mad black woman”, “Acrimony”, ” Why did I get married”, and so on.

After the movie was released, it didn’t look any brighter for Tyler. Another dust rose from people who think the movie is a waste of time.

I read reviews online and I was just sad.
The top reviews on this movie on google are bad ones. I understand criticism and I believe it makes people get better but there’s a level it gets to, that you know that it is pure hate.

Many of the reviews online were bad. Really bad.

People complained about a number of things varying from the plot of the story, to the locations used, to certain things that didn’t add up in the story and so on.

These are my thoughts.

A fall from Grace is a great movie. I was entertained, intrigued, and enlightened.

It was not a waste of my time. I may have seen better Tyler Perry movies but A Fall from Grace was not a bad one. I enjoyed it.

About his story line and the stories he says about black women. If we’d be honest with ourselves, that is the reality. It may not be so always, but it is, in many cases.

Tyler says he saw his mum go through repeated abuse around him growing up and this influences the course his movies take. He’s creating awareness of these things and trying to voice out to women in abusive relationships through his movies.

It’d be nice to see Tyler produce movies where black women are happy but for now, can we enjoy his movies and the messages they pass?

Secondly, about the inadequacies of the movie, I think we should cut him some slack. I mean, a fall from Grace has a couple of flaws (like every movie ever created) but to say that the movie was totally thrash is rude, falseful and disrespectful.

They say the movie was shot in 5 days and I may not know why they did that but for a movie to be shot in just 5 days is no joke.

Most of the top reviews on google about this movie are just down right demeaning.

Tyler Perry is an excellent movie maker and has proved himself over the years to be capable. He’s very talented and creative and we do not have a lot of that around.

So, I may not 100% agree with his movies or think they’re perfect but he deserves some credit. A lot of it actually.

Finally, if you haven’t seen the movie, I really think you should. If you have ever enjoyed any Tyler Perry movie, you’ll enjoy this one too. The people finding faults in this movie are either script writers, directors, or generally people who know quite a number of things about movie making or script writing. But if you’re an audience like me, (our job is just to sit, watch, learn and be entertained and not to do an unnecessary analysis) then you’re definitely going to enjoy this movie.
Have you seen “A fall from Grace?” What are your thoughts?

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12 thoughts on “A Fall from Grace Movie || Stop Criticizing Tyler Perry!

  1. I saw this movie few days ago and when I finished, I was like…’why were people complaining so badly about it?’ I still prefer it to Acrimony anyway..I enjoyed watching Fallen from Grace. Didn’t expect less. Tyler Perry is a great movie maker, no one can contest that. He is still one of the few movie makers I respect.

    However, I wasn’t also comfortable with the continuous trend of sad black women in his movies For someone who have followed his movies for several years, it’s really becoming tiring jare. The world is full of trouble and I feel people just want to connect with stories that’ll uplift them.

    Let me say again,I enjoyed Fallen from Grace. But we pray Tyler Perry will give us something different in his next movie.

    Dupe thanks for this beautiful review.

  2. Thanks for commenting ma.
    You’re very correct! These are my exact thoughts.

    A fall from Grace isn’t as good as acrimony but it’s a great movie too.

    Tyler Perry is gifted, no doubts.
    I wasn’t comfortable with how people were very harsh on him but I’m really hoping he brings us something different in his movies to come.
    We want to see happy black women.

    We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

    1. I get you Dupe.

      Of course plot wise, A fall from grace can’t stand Acrimony. But what Acrimony did to my mind ehn, I don’t want to experience that anymore. Lol.

      Yeah…I just noted I misspelt the title of Tyler’s movie.

      Thank you sis. Expecting your next review.

  3. Can’t wait to see this movie Mo’
    Until then, thank you for this post!

    1. Can’t wait for you to see it too!

      Thanks for reading through ?

  4. Hahahahaha Acrimony is something else o. I was thinking about it and asking myself all kinds of questions for 30 minutes straight after watching it.

    Thanks for reading through ma ?

    1. I have been hearing about the movie, it’s time to check it out. Tyler is really an excellent producer

      1. He is!
        You should check it out.

  5. The story line made sense as far as I’m concerned. Yeah they were a little continuity issues but it can be overlooked.

    1. I think so too!
      Thanks for reading

  6. I hate tragedies so much that I still haven’t seen Acrimony, but A Fall from Grace was awesome. I almost always feel sad after Tyler Perry’s movies cause of the way things go, so I stick to his Madea’s series and keep laughing… He’s an amazing movie maker, teaching a life lesson. I won’t always want to see it sincerely cause my chest would ache (lol), but he’s a great writer. Thank you Dupe

    1. Loll I understand and I completely agree!

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