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The Fish and the Ocean || The book that will transform your marriage

In the spirit of the love season (yes, it’s still love season here on the blog. Love never ends), I want to share with you my amazing readers something that changed my life.

As you all know, I’m a very big fan of love and you can always count me in on anything relationship and marriage related.

I have always envisioned having a beautiful home where love is the anthem and peace, the major theme but as I grew up, the chances of that happening began to look slim.
Not because I didn’t think I could meet the right person or be the right person but because I am growing daily to see that two good people don’t make a great marriage. It takes much more.

In fact, two good people can come together in marriage and end up becoming monsters because marriage is beyond two people living together.

I feel like there’s a special attack on marriages today. It’s alarming how marriages are failing and crumbling daily. The things I see and the stories I hear are most of the time, heart wrenching.

As I grow daily, I realize more and more that having a thriving marriage is no joke. Marriage is a mystery and it requires a LOT OF THE RIGHT KNOWLEDGE which is why when I read this book called The Fish and the Ocean (Beyond the bends, embrace your marital destiny) by Olusola and Abimbola Tayo-Bamidele, I knew I couldn’t keep it to myself. I need more people to be armed with the right knowledge on marriage, leading to more healthy and beautiful homes.

If you only believe in the physical aspect of marriages/relationships and not the spiritual then this post isn’t for you.

This post is for people who see the bigger picture. People who know that marriage is not just about two people who feel flutters and butterflies in their bellies and want to get hooked and make babies.

People who know that God is an integral part of marriage because He instituted it and has a purpose for it.

This post is for that person who wants to excel in marriage and family life and is willing to work with God and with their partner as they tend their garden and make it a safe haven, not just for them and their offsprings but for anyone who needs such shelter.

This book is for that person who has had a very rough marriage but is not willing to give up just yet.
If you fall into any of the category above, please keep reading and be sure to place an order for the book (details are below)

The Fish and the Ocean is not your regular marriage book. My initial plan was to review this book but along the way, I realized that I wouldn’t do justice to the book and I’d be robbing you of many treasures embedded in the book. So, I’d rather you read it yourself.

The authors shared very personal experiences especially from their early years of marriage; this is one thing that blessed me the most about this book. The experiences they shared are proof that a lot of problems that tear marriages and couples apart today, are things that can be fixed. They, using their experiences, practical life scenarios and God’s Word, addressed issues like:

– Activating God’s blessings for marriage.

– The kind of mindset that makes you have a failed marriage even before you get married.
– The original purpose of marriage
– How to become one in marriage
– Your spouse vs Other commitments
– Bonding in marriage
– The different amazing roles of the woman in marriage (One of my favorites)
-The different roles of the man in marriage
– The woman, being the breadwinner of the family.
– Financial issues in marriage
– Nagging as a woman and the results
– Life stories and Prayers

There’s so much more!

Ever seen a movie or read a book that changed your mind and blessed you so much that you couldn’t wait to tell people about it? You keep telling your friends and persuading them to get this movie/book because you are confident that they will be changed.

This is my case with “The Fish and The Ocean”.
Dear friends, if you have plans to succeed in marriage, don’t let this book pass you by. I was privileged to edit this book and I can’t even remember how many times I had to pause in between to go on my knees and pray.

For People in Nigeria

You can place your orders manually by Paying N5000 to ILAFAN Global Services, Gtbank, 0537322625
Then send the following to 08102526940 via WhatsApp:

  • Evidence of payment
  • Your full name
  • The address you want the book delivered to (church, home, office etc)
  • A functional phone number that can be called.
  • The referral code RC: 1004-0000-0000 (This will help me get a token for referring you. Support your blogger please, thank you ?)

For people outside Nigeria,

Buy from Amazon here

Or here (Paper back)

I am fortified with the right knowledge for marriage. Are you?

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3 thoughts on “The Fish and the Ocean || The book that will transform your marriage

  1. This sounds like a great book for married couples. It would make a wonderful wedding gift, too.

    1. Yes, Michelle!
      I learned so much from the book and I think it’s a very thoughtful present for newly weds.
      You should place an order using the Amazon link above for people outside Nigeria.

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