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My Life Update || ASUU Strike, Addictions, Progresses, Blogging Course and more!

Hello guys!

I hope this blog meets you well.

Feels so good to be doing a personal blog today. For some weird reason, I enjoy sharing about my life with people and reaching out through my personal experiences.

Today, I’m doing a life update which means that I’m sharing everything I am currently up to and where necessary, I’ll cull out lessons

So I’ll jump right into it;

Currently I am listening to “I am Yours” Lauren Daigel and
God” by Dunsin Oyekan

I see Your fingerprints,
The work of Your hands, It’s all in Your hands,
I see th
e evidence,
nothing to chance, the world’s in Your hands. So I rest in Your promises, Now I am sure of this, I’m Yours. Let the waters rise, I will stand as the oceans roar. Let the earth shake beneath me. Let the mountains fall, You are God over the storm. And I am Yours. – Lauren Daigel

You Are The Only
Definition Of Our God
No Comparison with You
It All Starts and It Ends with You
Dunsin Oyekan

Currently I am working on my blogging course template and I’d like to put it out there that I take blogging courses for a token of 14 USD (5,000 naira) for new bloggers for a period of two weeks.

I help beginner bloggers start up their blogs and teach them all the vital things they need to know as they commence. Currently, I’m taking a new student and we’re about to create an amazing blog for his business. So if you are interested in a one on one blogging course with me, send me a mail right away! Everyone can run a blog. No matter what field you’re in. You just need to be led aright.

Currently, I am enjoying ASUU strike. I know that doesn’t sound really responsible but when you’re in a faculty like mine in uni, every break is welcome. I was super close to breaking down. I had so much to do academically in a very little time and seriously, I didn’t have the strength. So, imagine my joy when ASUU declared a two week warning strike.

(For people outside Nigeria, ASUU is an acronym for
Academic Staff Union of Universities. It’s a body that consists of every Academic Staff in Nigerian Universities (lecturers). When they go on strike, it means that academic activities on campuses are suspended.)

Currently I am reading “Beyond Tuesday Morning” by Karen Kingsbury. It’s one of the three books in her 9-11 series. I just concluded the pre-ceeding one called “One Tuesday Morning”.

If you read novels and you need something to touch you and stir your faith, these are books for you. It’s about the 9/11 event but in a closer and more personal way. I have felt all kinds of things reading this book; pain, fear, shock, disappointment but greatest of all, I have felt GOD.

This book is doing something to me that I can’t even explain.

Currently I am learning to love be loved. I’m learning to let go of offences early and just let people grow at their pace. Everyone acts based on their level of growth.

This look is for you if you haven’t placed an order yet.

Currently I am interceding in prayer more. Youversion Bible App has introduced a new feature for prayer. It allows you post your prayer requests on the app for your friends to see and your friends will post theirs too.

When anyone prays, they tap on the “prayed” icon which let’s you see that they’ve prayed for you.

I set out time to go through the prayer requests of my friends, praying in the spirit from my heart and trusting God to come through for them. Sometimes, I even cry. (Lolll I’m super extra)

It also feels so good to see that people pray when I drop a burden. Great things happen when God’s people pray.

Currently I am addicted to Nasco cornflakes. I have had this addiction since I was little. It’s one of the reasons my mum stopped buying Nasco cornflakes at home. Staying on my own in the hostel, I now have unrestrained access to whatever I want and my addiction to cornflakes seemed to spike.

Earlier this week, I was in my room just relaxing and reading some books when I decided to take just a sachet of cornflakes. Brethren, that sachet became 4. I’m pretty sure God was watching me like ?.

When I was through devouring the cereal, I thought I had gotten away with it but I was wrong. During my quiet time that evening, the Holy Spirit brought it to my mind.

He made me see how undisciplined I had been. Many times, we think we are disciplined but it’s just because we are accountable to someone.

When we become free, we begin to see how powerless we are over self without God’s help.

I declared a fast the next day and made a decision not to take more than one sachet of cornflakes in a day.

Also, I put measures in place to reduce my consumption of the cereal e.g I don’t take it as a meal on its own anymore. I realize that when I take cornflakes due to hunger, I tend to consume more. So, to curb this addiction, I take it as dessert or just a refreshment when I want to eat light. Which leads me to my next update.

Currently I am eating healthy and working out.

Fam! I decided for the 1000th time to take my feeding pattern seriously – because I’ve had to remind myself that this body of mine is the only place I have to live as long as I’m on earth – and so far, so good.

I’ve cut down on carbs (is it really possible to live in Nigeria without consuming outrageous amounts of carbs? Especially as a student. You need all the energy you can get to study, unless you’re trying to get hypoglycemic.)

Anyways, my first week in this new lifestyle, I was very consistent and burned a lot of calories and lost 4kg (which was my goal for the month). I smashed a month’s goal in a week and I’m still moving strong.

I hope to continue in this vein. The little efforts everyday make the huge difference in the long run.

PS: This does not in any way imply that I do not indulge every now and then. Neither does it imply that I’m not up for intense coldstone ice cream enjoyment if I get invited. It just means that I’m more conscious of what I eat and I’m sure to burn calories everyday.

Currently I am unashamedly dedicated to my personal growth and development. YouTube and Chrome are my best friends now. We can’t afford to be mediocre in any way so we must invest in our most valuable asset – Our minds.

Currently I am grateful for family, friends and blog readers. You all make me so happy! Knowing that I have an online family that think of me is something magical. Thank you ✨.

That’s about it for now. What striking thing have you been up to lately? Let
us talk in the comment section below.

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Sending you lots of love from here, Dupe ❤

20 thoughts on “My Life Update || ASUU Strike, Addictions, Progresses, Blogging Course and more!

  1. Sister you are really amazing

  2. You are really amazing

  3. Awwww
    Thank you sis.
    You’re amazing too!

  4. Currently I am most excited about the blog course!!

    Thanks Mo’!

    1. Awww yayyyy I’m so glad you’re taking this leap baby!
      You’re welcome ❤

  5. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks MO

    Btwn I’m also a cornflakes addict ?. It used to be my favourite ‘meal’ for yeaaarss. Right now, I’m not as addicted as I used to be and I think it’s because, I take the cearal with fruits.
    I’d chat you up about this.

    1. Oh wow
      Thanks for this Lola. I really need that chat.
      Having cornflakes in a healthy way. I’m so in!

      1. This is a great update to what’s going on in your life! Thanks for sharing. I love the Karen Kingsbury 911 series!!

        1. Thanks for reading Michelle!
          Sending you loads of love

  6. Wow. It was nice reading your post again. It’s amazing that you also love Karen Kingsbury and you are reading beyond Tuesday morning.. I read that book over a year ago but I can still remember to an extent, the story line. Her books have a way of building the Christian faith. In summary, thanks for sharing your life with us. Much love, always.

    1. Thank you for stopping by ma. It’s always an honor to have you here.
      Yes, Karen Kingsbury is a prolific and anointed writer.
      Lots of love ma.

  7. Grateful always.i get to learn new things any time I stop by here,and this is just mind blowing,mo u can’t fathom how many stuff I have learn from this single blog.A big God bless you, great love from my end. By d way,u look amazing in dat photo up there.

  8. Homie, truly u look stunning in dose photos.honestly am in love with yr lunchbox,I need itooooh.smiles!!!!!

    1. Hahahaha thank you for reading through Salem. I’m glad you learned from it.
      Thank you for your kind words. And yes, you can come for the lunch box.

  9. You are doing great Mo. I am currently dedicated serving my beloved country Nigeria as a youth corper.

    1. Thank you MarkBlessing.
      Oh that’s so nice. What state are you serving at?

  10. Dupe. So I sat and read through. You seem to love fellowoshiping lol.

    You in which school?

    And when do we get another post?

    1. Hi Adeyemi!
      Yes, I’m a worshipper.
      I am in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

      And you get a new post on Friday.

  11. Your beauty and class always gets me super stunned!
    Mo’ you are fineeeeeeeeee!
    You can do more with your cornflakes in healthy ways… would tell you a culinary secret privately. ♥️?♥️

    1. Thank you Oluwaseun. You’re quite the charmer.

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