Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak, Koinonia, ENI, SOM – All the Vital Information You need and FAQ

I get a lot of mails and comments asking various questions about the ministry Koinonia and God’s servant Apostle Joshua Selman.

Though I am a worker in the media department of Koinonia, I’d like to put it out that there are faster and more proper channels to go through to get to the ministry.

I decided to make this post compiling frequently asked questions I get on my blog and answers to them for the sake of clarity and enlightenment for people seeking answers concerning the ministry. Especially for people outside the shores of Zaria.

I’d like to start by saying that every information you need about Koinonia, ENI is on the ministry’s official site koinoniadownloads.org

Other information you need and answers to frequently asked questions are below;

About Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

Apostle Joshua Selman is NOT the pastor of Christ Gospel Church. CGC is just the current venue that Koinonia meetings hold.

1. What is Apostle Joshua Selman’s social media handle?

Apostle Joshua Selman is NOT on ANY social media platform. As a person, he not on any social media platform, at least, not yet. But the ministry has official platforms on Facebook (koinoniaeni), Twitter (Koinoniaeni) and Instagram (koinoniaglobal) Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

2. Who is AJS P.A?

Apostle Joshua Selman DOES NOT have a personal assistant. Any body claiming to be his P.A is a fraud. Beware.

3. I got a DM/Message from someone on social media who claimed to be AJS asking me to donate money to an orphanage.

Apostle Joshua Selman DOES NOT request for monetary donations.

4. How do I get information about AJS external ministrations?

To confirm external ministrations, you can call the protocol department on 07087777765 or the public relations department 09077777853

5. How do I sow a seed to AJS personally?

For seed sowing to God’s servant, this is his account number; Joshua Selman 0025782331, GTB

6. Where is Apostle Joshua Selman’s church located?

Apostle Joshua Selman does NOT have a church YET. However, Koinonia weekly meetings currently hold in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

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Apostle Joshua Selman is the president of
Eternity Network International .

ENI is a body which is divided into 5 arms; The Missions Arm, The Media Arm, The Humanitarian Arm, The School Arm and The Church Arm.

Koinonia is part the church arm of Eternity Network International. It is a place of fellowship, love, Word of God and Intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Koinonia is a platform that makes people experience the reality of God.

1. Is Koinonia a Church?

Koinonia is a weekly fellowship/meeting and it does NOT hold on Sunday mornings. It holds on Fridays and sometimes, Sunday evenings.

2. What are the official meeting days?

Koinonia’s official meeting days are Fridays. Any variation is usually communicated via our social media platforms.

3. Does Koinonia offer accommodation to visitors?

Koinonia DOES NOT offer accommodation to visitors. If you’re planning to come into Zaria for Koinonia, please make adequate preparations for your accommodation. You can call the ministry’s public relations department on 09077777853 for assistance.

4. Does Koinonia request for money online?

Koinonia DOES NOT request for money from anybody (especially online). Please beware of fraudsters.

5. How do I download Koinonia messages?

Koinonia messages are 100% free. Do not pay anyone to get them. You can download all messages on

6. How do I pay my tithe/seed to the ministry

You can pay through the ministry’s account number ETERNITY NETWORK INTERNATIONAL GT BANK – 0113343316


Eternity Network International, School Of Ministry. The school of ministry is a mentorship platform under the leadership of Apostle Joshua Selman. It is part of the School Arm of ENI.

1. I do not live in Nigeria. Can I apply for the school of ministry?

Yes, if you make adequate plans for your welfare in Nigeria for the duration of the session.

2. Can I apply when the school is already in session?


3. Is the school of ministry for Pastors only?

No, it is not. It is for any believer willing to represent Christ better in any walk of life.

4. How long does a session take?

6-7 months

I hope I have answered any question you had in mind. Remember, don’t trust anyone that claims to have affiliations with the ministry Koinonia trying to extort money from you. ALWAYS call the ministry’s official lines for clarification.

To get speedy and accurate responses to your complaints and questions, they should be forwarded directly through the ministry’s official lines

Media department – 08100289892

Public Relations department – 08147214444 (counseling)

09077777853 (Enquiry)

Protocol department – 07087777765

Official websitehttp://koinoniadownloads.org/

Official account number – ETERNITY NETWORK INTERNATIONAL GT BANK – 0113343316

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  1. Please I know there is no accommodation but can I find somewhere to stay and I will deal with the food stuff… And sir how is the school fee

  2. This is the best I’ve seen so far concerning information on Apostle Joshua Selman .People should really view this blog. Valuable!

      1. Hi. Praise God.. I’m free on m India ND would like to register at the college.. Could you please help out with the details of registration.fees and duration as IL need a visa to stay there.. Much obliged for your assistance.. You 🙏

  3. Thank you sir for your vital information that you have given me, I really appreciate it, may God almighty bless you in abundance

    1. Hello Mr Ikenna.
      Yes, this site is affiliated with Eternity Network International and Apostle Joshua Selman.
      However, the ministry has functional social media platforms as stated in the post.
      Bless you sir

  4. Greetings Saints Of Most High…

    Please please, Am from South Africa and i want to give to MAN OF GOD, If possible can i have bank details that I can use.

    Thank you

  5. Calvary greetings. Pls I urgently need to know when the next school of ministry commences, the school fees, and other details. Pls, I need a response now so as to plan my schedule for the remaining part of the year. Thanks.

  6. Thank you sir for this information’s and I will still need mire if any update, thanks.
    But can one pat his tithe direct to apostles direct account number?

  7. I am in south Africa and blessed by the apostles message, please can I have correct number to call for more information with correct like+27 /+23……

    Thank you

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