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29 Interesting facts about Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

It’s another 25th of June when the world celebrates the birth of an enigma, a deliverer and a priceless gift to generations; Apostle Joshua Selman.

Apostle Joshua Selman is the President of Eternity Network International. He is a teacher of the Word whose is known far and wide for the illumination and deliverance his messages bring.

As is our culture on this blog, we dedicate every 25th to make a blog post to honor AJS. If you have not seen the post for the previous years, you can find them below

Apostle Joshua Selman Quotes

5 reasons why i love my spiritual father; Apostle Joshua Selman

Today, I am sharing 29 interesting facts about Apostle Joshua Selman with you all. These facts are things he is vocal about and has stated at one time or the other in his messages and things that family and close friends say about him.

I study the life of many great people because, I believe that though you may not find one huge secret about their greatness, scattered around their story you will find principles and secrets that got them to where they are today. Great people are not made by accident. Success happens as a result of a build up of many events. The facts you’re about to read are on different areas of Joshua Selman’s life.

Some of them are about his childhood and some of the things that led him to where he is today. Other facts are about his current lifestyle and things that I have observed about him. They will give you insight into his life and person. A number of the other facts are just random interesting facts about Joshua Selman.

Be inspired, encouraged, blessed and entertained as we celebrate a gift of God to mankind.

Before I proceed, please as much as you can, avoid plagiarizing posts from this blog. If you love the post, kindly share the link on your platforms but do not copy what I have written just to share it somewhere else as your work. That is theft and it is a crime and a sin and will definitely not go unpunished. Have respect for people’s intellectual property. Thank you.

Facts about Apostle Joshua Selman

APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN IS NOT ON ANY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM! Any page you see with his name is a scam, please beware.

Apostle Joshua Selman is the second of four children. He has an older sister and 2 younger siblings.

He’s a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University where he studied chemical engineering.

He is from Jos, Nigeria

He gave his life to Christ at a very young age at one of his school’s fellowships.

He attended Benny Hinn school of ministry.

Apostle Joshua Selman has a very glaring and contagious love for God which he never tries to hide.

He believes very much in intimacy with God and always says that everything believers do should be from the strength of their secret place with God.

Apostle Joshua Selman lives a modest lifestyle. Most of the events in his life are private and unannounced. He is more interested in focusing on God, his goals and making impact than he is about publicizing these things.

Apostle Joshua Selman is said to have been a giver since he was little. When he was in a boarding school, everytime he was given his allowance to take back to school, he would share more than half of it amongst his siblings, and take whatever was left to school. Little wonder his life today is one that keeps giving.

Contrary to what you may have believed, he doesn’t eat only spiritual food. He eats physical food too. In fact, he loves ice cream an
d is vocal about it.

Growing up, Apostle Joshua Selman had always known he was a different child. His mum has been heard saying many times that when other children went out to play or visit friends, young Selman would be in a small room behind his father’s house reading the Bible and praying for hours.

Apostle Joshua Selman once shared that when he was in secondary school, he was made the time prefect in JSS2 and had the responsibility of waking up early. He said in those days, the Holy Spirit would wake him up at about 5am every morning so he could fulfil his duty and ring the bell. This story is a huge blessing to many. One of the members of the ministry Koinonia, shared this with Dupe’s blog, “Why that particular story remains with me is that, it just showed me how God is concerned about every tiny detail of our life and wants us to excel even in the little things that seemingly means nothing”

Apostle Joshua Selman once shared how he started a fellowship/started in secondary school. What stands out about this story is the name they called the group then, it was called “Operation Katacruz”. That name made people reel out in laughter when he shared the story.

He is an amazing singer. Apostle Joshua Selman is not just a teacher. He is a great singer too. One of the things that many people have said they love about him is his voice when he sings. Many times, while preaching, he uses songs to buttress the message and that singular act ministers to many.

Apostle Joshua Selman is an ardent believer of balance and moderacy. He is not extreme on anything. He believes that school of thoughts and beliefs should be balanced and not bias or extreme.

Apostle Selman is a ardent believer of process, preparation and seasons. He believes that men are made in their times of refining and process and this preparation is indispensable for sustainable success.

Apostle Selman is very humble and this is the testimony of everyone who has met him. Regardless of his obvious results and feats, he remains broken before God and meek before men. He is never seen struggling for the spotlight.

Apostle Selman is a sincere and deep lover of people. His actions towards and for people always shows his compassion and love for them.

Apostle Joshua Selman loves and is very passionate about the Body of Christ. He believes in oneness in the body and that we exist to complement each other.

Apostle Joshua Selman is friends with Minister Dunsin Oyekan and Minister Nathaniel Bassey. The three men have similar convictions, chief of which is their love and passion for God.

Apostle Selman loves children and always makes them feel noticed and special. Just like our Lord Jesus did, he welcomes children into his bossom at all times

Apostle Joshua Selman is easy going, humble and fun to be around. Despite his notable achievements, he is very humble and welcoming. Many times when people are startled and honored to see him, and they do not know how to approach him, he gives a big smile and says “My name is Joshua Selman”, extending an arm of greeting to them and making them feel welcome.

Apostle Joshua Selman understands the psychology of human relationships. He believes that everyone should be valued and respected and never fails to honor everybody. Everyone around is made to feel special and valued.

Apostle Joshua Selman believes that YouTube is the most educative platform. He encourages people to get better at their skills and knowledge by watching videos on YouTube.

Apostle Joshua Selman is passionate about personal development and growth. He believes that people should never see graduation from any institution of any sort as a reason to stop learning. He believes in studying and reading wide and practices this in his own life by studying many books and learning from different platforms.

Apostle Joshua Selman has a very large library. Many times in his messages, he has said that he would gladly let go of any of his possessions but he’ll not be happy to let go of the books he possesses particularly the ones that carry his revelations from God.

Apostle Joshua Selman is nocturnal. He believes in using the night time to pray and study and he practices it. He has shared that most days, (when he is not ministering), he only gets to sleep at 5am.

Apostle is not just spiritual. He is Savvy and Streetwise. Try having a conversation with him on contemporary topics and you’d be amazed at how trendy, savvy and streetwise he his. Add his sense of humor to this and you have someone you’d spend hours with and lose track of time.

FAQs about Koinonia, Apostle Joshua Selman and the School of Ministry

There’s so much more to be said about the life of Apostle Joshua Selman and how it creates an ensample for us in the Christian faith, just like Apostle Paul said, but we will stop here.
Today, we’re grateful for the gift of Apostle Joshua Selman as he He
continues to be an enormous blessing and an inspiration to everyone around him.

Happy birthday Joshua Selman. I celebrate the unquantifiable impact you have made in my life and the lives of millions of others.

For more information about Apostle Joshua Selman, kindly read this post.

For enquiries, call Koinonia’s Public Relations Department on +234) 807577001 or +234 8147214444

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Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak, Koinonia, KSOM – All the Vital Information You need and FAQ

I get a lot of mails and comments asking various questions about the ministry Koinonia and God’s servant Apostle Joshua Selman.

Though I am a worker in the media department of Koinonia, I’d like to put it out that there are faster and more proper channels to go through to get to the ministry.

I decided to make this post compiling frequently asked questions I get on my blog and answers to them for the sake of clarity and enlightenment for people seeking answers concerning the ministry Koinonia. Especially for people outside the shores of Zaria, Abuja, and Nigeria.

I’d like to start by saying that every information you need about Koinonia, KNI is on the ministry’s official Social media platforms which I’ll be sharing at the end of this post.

Koinonia is a fellowship of believers that currently has just two centers; one in Zaria, Kaduna state and the other in Abuja, the federal capital Territory of Nigeria.

Other information you need and answers to frequently asked questions are below;

About Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

Apostle Joshua Selman is NOT the pastor of Christ Gospel Church. CGC is just the current venue that Koinonia Zaria meetings hold.

1. Is Apostle Joshua Selman on social media?

Apostle Joshua Selman is NOT on ANY social media platform. As a person, he is not on any social media platform, at least, not yet. But the ministry has official platforms on Facebook (koinoniaeni), Twitter (@Koinoniaglobal) and Instagram (@koinoniaabuja and @koinoniazaria) Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

2. Who is Apostle Joshua Selman’s Personal Assistant?

Apostle Joshua Selman DOES NOT have a personal assistant. Any body claiming to be his P.A is a fraud. Beware. Many have been scammed.

3. I got a DM/Message from someone on social media who claimed to be Apostle Joshua Selman asking me to donate money to an orphanage.

Apostle Joshua Selman DOES NOT request for monetary donations and is not on social media.

4. How do I get information about AJS external ministrations?

To confirm external ministrations, you can call the protocol department of the ministry on 07087777765 or the public relations department 09077777853

5. How do I sow a seed to AJS personally?

For seed sowing to God’s servant, this is his account number; Joshua Selman Nimmak 0025782331, GTB. If you do not see the name appear, DO NOT SEND.

6. Where is Apostle Joshua Selman’s church located?

Apostle Joshua Selman does NOT have a church YET. However, Koinonia weekly meetings currently hold in Zaria, Kaduna State, and Abuja Nigeria.

Read: Apostle Joshua Selman quotes


Apostle Joshua Selman is the president of
Eternity Network International now known as KNI (Koinonia Network International)

ENI is a body which is divided into 5 arms; The Missions Arm, The Media Arm, The Humanitarian Arm, The School Arm and The Church Arm.

Koinonia is part the church arm of Koinonia Network International. It is a place of fellowship, love, Word of God and Intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Koinonia is a platform that makes people experience the reality of God.

1. Is Koinonia a Church?

Koinonia is a weekly fellowship/meeting and it does NOT hold on Sunday mornings. It holds on Fridays evenings and Sunday evenings.

2. What are the official meeting days?

Koinonia’s official meeting days are Fridays and Sundays. Any variation is usually communicated via the OFFICIAL social media platforms.

3. Does Koinonia offer accommodation to visitors?

Koinonia DOES NOT offer accommodation to visitors. If you’re planning to come into Zaria or Abuja for Koinonia, please make adequate preparations for your accommodation. You can call the ministry’s public relations department on 09077777853 for assistance.

4. Does Koinonia request for money online?

Koinonia DOES NOT request for money from anybody (especially online). Please beware of fraudsters.

5. How do I download Koinonia messages?

Koinonia messages are 100% free. Do not pay anyone to get them. You can download all messages online.

6. How do I pay my tithe/seed to the ministry

You can pay through the ministry’s account number ETERNITY NETWORK INTERNATIONAL GT BANK – 0113343316


The Koinonia School Of Ministry is a mentorship platform under the leadership of Apostle Joshua Selman. It is part of the School Arm of KNI.

1. I do not live in Nigeria. Can I apply for the school of ministry?

Yes, if you make adequate plans for your welfare in Nigeria for the duration of the session.

2. Can I apply when the school is already in session?


3. Is the school of ministry for Pastors only?

No, it is not. It is for any believer willing to represent Christ better in any walk of life.

4. How long does a session take?

6-7 months

I hope I have answered any question you had in mind. Remember, don’t trust anyone that claims to have affiliations with the ministry Koinonia trying to extort money from you. ALWAYS call the ministry’s official lines for clarification.

To get speedy and accurate responses to your complaints and questions, they should be forwarded directly through the ministry’s official lines

Media department – 08100289892

Public Relations department – 08147214444 (counseling)

09077777853 (Enquiry)

Protocol department – 07087777765

Official account number – ETERNITY NETWORK INTERNATIONAL GT BANK – 0113343316