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Hi faithful readers.

It’s been a while, I’m sorry for my prolonged silence; I was writing exams.

I’m done with my second semester exams, which implies that I’m moving to a new level (yayyy?) and moving to another room (?).

The thought of getting familiar with another set of people and getting to understand them has been on my mind.

God put it in my heart to share this because He’s been helping me lately with my relationship with people.

At the beginning of the year, I clicked a room in the hostel and met new faces who were later to become my friends and sisters; meet them.


  • My proximity and closeness to them determines how much I can say about them.


Tall, beautiful and very intelligent Edo girl. Her fashion sense is on a hundred ?. She’s blunt and down to earth, an amazing cook and a selfie addict.

Also a passionate lover of football.
She’s the only person I can relate to almost totally, also the only person in the room that understands almost everything I say. She’s very caring and very sacrificial. Loves sleep too much and goes for lectures 30minutes or an hour late.

She gets moody at random and shuts everyone out.
She could be very rude and annoying. She expects everyone to be polite to her; you can’t get your own stuff back from her without saying a “please”.

Most of the time, she’s very unapologetic about her actions.


Also very beautiful and a fashionista. Very funny and lovely to be with. Has a tiny voice that on it’s own, makes you laugh. We always tease her that her husband doesn’t need TV, she’s enough entertainment. Never a dull moment with her.
Foodie ?; if allowed, she can have breakfast 3 times.

Practices favoritism. Sometimes very rude and speaks rashly (may not be intentional).

Doesn’t filter her words.


Dark and beautiful northern Christian.
Not a fashion person. Super cook. Book smart and intelligent.
Sometimes, she can be caring for Africa.


Sometimes, speaks rudely to everybody without giving regard.
Speaks slowly but poisonously.
Withdraws to herself a lot.


Beautiful northern girl. Speaks very good English.
Great talker; story teller of the room.
Hates cooking.

Sometimes, decides to be on her own, just like that!
Could be sarcastic.

Cherishes her bed and doesn’t want anybody on it (as if that were possible ?)
Has a sharp piercing voice that can raise the dead (We call her soprano voice)


Beautiful fulani girl with beautiful long curly hair.
Loves her books more than anything in the world.
Could read a whole day nonstop, if allowed.
Fashionista; she sews and wears the most beautiful Ankara styles in the room. Make up artist and selfie addict.

Her reading habit makes every other person in the room look like they’re not serious.
A little secretive.


Dark northerner. Great talker and story teller. Nice and sacrificial.

Very sarcastic and rude. Talks way too much and wants everyone silent while she speaks – which means we won’t be talking in a while.


Very pretty Igala girl. Fashion sense ??. Introvert?.
Very humble and nice. Quiet and reserved. Very open to learning new things.

Always with her phone and hardly speaks to anyone. Sometimes ignores you when you talk because talking is stressful for her.
Never in the mood to go out so she bails on us most times when we plan to go out together.


Beautiful Yoruba girl?.

Very intelligent. Jesus lover that never stops playing worship in the room. Cares for everyone and wants to know why you’re moody, if you’ve eaten, where you’re going and when you’ll be back.
Hates cooking.

Withdraws to herself sometimes.
Comes in from church very late almost everyday and disturbs everybody’s sleep. Phone rings at any time of the day.

Plays worship as soon as she’s up and messgaes during the day and everybody has to listen.
Gets upset whenever anyone sits on her bed or makes use of her properties without her consent.

First semester was tough for all of us. We were always having issues with one another. We lacked understanding and mutual agreement.

Everybody had an issue or two with another person.

Today, you think “oh I think she’s better, I like her” and tomorrow, she shows you a side of her, you’ll detest.

But second semester I got to understand everyone of them (including myself) and saw the good in them, regardless of their shortcomings.

When I saw the;

-beauty and wonder in SOPHIA
-beauty and humility in HALIMA
-beauty and good intentions in HIRHYEL
-beauty and plainness in ASIYA
-beauty and ambition in KHADIJAH
-beauty and sacrifice in MARIA
-beautiful and pleasant personality MUNARH is
-beauty and love in DUPE.

I began to relate with them better. I understood them and tried to see things from their point of view and not judge. I leant their values and respected them.

Could it be, that the reason you’re having people issues is due to lack of mutual understanding and respect?

Could it be that you’re always at loggerheads with someone because you don’t see things like them?

Could it be that you do not like people because all you see is the bad in them and not the good?

When you understand people, respect their values, see things from their perspective and never judge them based on their actions, you’ll relate better with them and love them.

There is nobody who is bad; this is the secret to loving everyone.
When you understand that people are slaves to their understanding, then you can look at someone “unlovable” and still love them.

-Apostle Joshua Selman

I urge you dear reader, never write anyone off. Give them the chance.

There’s a good in everyone you meet.

There are no bad people, just people with bad behaviors. You don’t want to know what some of them have been through.
Change them if you can and if you can’t, just love them.

10 thoughts on “MY ROOMMATES

  1. I love that quote. Very very deep. Everyone is lovable. Is your school in the northern part?

    1. Thank you! ???
      Yes, everyone is lovable
      Yes, I school in Zaria.
      Ahmadu Bello University.
      Thanks for reading

  2. Oh. I love the post. Sometime ago, I learnt that to accept people better, understand that they’re probably trying to tolerate you as much as you’re trying to tolerate them. We all have bad sides and good sides. If we expect people to constantly like us because of our good sides, we should also want to like people because of their good sides and focus on that more.

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. So true.
      We should concentrate on people’s good side.
      Thank you! ?

  3. so many roommates. must have been fun.

    1. Oh it was!
      Thank you for reading ?

  4. So many roommates. I’m dreading going to the hostel when I start my fist year.
    It is a great post. It look like you got everyone figured out which is important so you can live well with them.

    One question: How did you do those pictures.
    Some look like drawings.

    1. Thank you Nessa.
      Lol it was actually fun.
      I had to observe and understand them to live with them well..
      The pictures are actually drawings and art. I didn’t use their real pictures.
      Some of them are extreme northerners and may not be comfortable with it.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      1. Wow. You did great with the drawings.
        You’re welcome.

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