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Productive Ways to Spend your Time at Home

At first it was exciting. The thought of how much more sleep you’d be getting and how much peace you’ll have, not being in a hurry to go anywhere.

When the directive of self-quarantine was passed in your region, your first response was probably that of joy but as the days go by, we realize that though everything seems on hold, time is not.

So whether you’re in school or not, whether you’re at work or not, time is moving.
The earlier you realize this, the better.
So you must be determined to be proactive during these times and spend your self-quarantine days productively.

Below are 10 ways to do that.


1. Pray

There’s no pressure to be at work at a particular time, so what’s your excuse for not communicating with God. More so, the world is currently at a point where it needs divine intervention. Spend time praying. It is productive.

2. Study the Word

This is a perfect time to be more immersed and drunk in the Word. Take your Bible study seriously. Personal Bible study is most important but if you need more people to join you and encourage you, I’d be elated to create a WhatsApp group chat of less than 20 people for the period of this social distancing just for a couple of people willing to study the word and share lessons. Drop a comment below if you want this. If I get sufficient number of interested people, I’ll give it a shot.

3. Rest

If you’re like me then your body needed this break. Take out time to rest and relax.

4. Exercise

Mornings or evening. Engage in activities that’ll keep your body active. Jumping, sit ups, skipping, stretches and so on.

5. Take baths, clear your surrounding and wash your hands regularly

6. Eat healthy

These are the times that the temptation to eat junk will be great. Indulge some times but don’t make it a habit. You’re not doing much physical work so your body doesn’t need extra baggage.

7. Learn:

This is the best time to uninterruptedly take online courses, watch educative YouTube videos, listen to podcasts, read books and tick your to-do lists.

8. Stay updated:

Get information from the right sources online. Stay abreast of the situation.

9. Keep in touch:

Reach out to friends, family, clients, classmates and neighbors via social media.

10. Stay Calm:

Don’t panic or fret.

Stay safe, stay alive. I care about you.

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16 thoughts on “Productive Ways to Spend your Time at Home

  1. Awesome. Thanks very informative

    1. Thanks for reading

  2. These are great ways to stay productive during this time. Thanks for these ideas!

    1. Thanks for reading Michelle

  3. Thank you Dupe. I followed your advice on being productive and teaching others new stuff and it’s been great. I’d love the Bible study group.

    1. I’m so glad you’re getting results Nikita.
      I’ll commence work on the Bible study group.

  4. This was very helpful,thank you. I’m not a talker, but I’ve been following your blog for a while and I must confess I LOVE IT, keep up the good work. I’d love the Bible study group too.

    1. Oh thank you so much.
      Kindly send me a message to this number on WhatsApp for the Bible study group: 08090689075

  5. Thanks so inspiring

    1. You’re welcome

  6. Thank you ma Mo

    1. You’re welcome Nanret

  7. Dupe I’m here for the new look of the blog!!!!!!

    It is so fine.

    Arrrrgh…Jesus is telling you weldone faithful blogger already.

    1. Hahaha! Thank you Ene! ??

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