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9 Important Christian dating questions to ask before dating

Christian dating questions to ask before dating.
You have met someone that makes the butterflies in your belly fruitful and multiply. He's all you now think about, day and night. Hardly a day passes without you thinking about and talking to them. You want to date them. 

Hit the brakes sis. Hold on!

Trust us, you do not want to jump into this.

His sense of dressing may be second to none. His physical appearance, breathtaking and in all honesty, he may seem like a one in a million kind of guy and you do not want him to slip out of your fingers but You do not know if he is right for You judging by just those parameters. Dating is way deeper than that. Especially for You, a daughter of the King of Kings.

The chemistry may seem perfect and everything may seem beautiful between you two. But how about weeks, months, and years down the line? Do you know what it will look like?

Well, you do not have to. God already does. This is why you must engage His discernment in this decision. You must prayerfully and with wisdom, navigate these dating terrains.

There are certain questions that you must answer or seek answers to if you are thinking of dating a person. These questions will give you a very good head start in knowing the kind of person this individual is and if he is God’s Will for you.

Questions to ask before dating

1. Is He a person of Faith?

This should go without saying. However we do not want to assume everyone knows this. You shouldn’t be looking for any more questions for christian men if the person you’re considering dating is not a believer in Christ Jesus. Hence, this is one of the most important questions for christian dating.

That is all the sign you need to say goodbye.

Do not assume anything. Carefully observe and if necessary, ask him about his faith and belief.

2. What are his beliefs on dating and marriage?

This is an important one among the questions to ask christian guys. You’d be surprised at the very absurd and strange beliefs people have about dating. After confirming that he’s a believer, you still want to know if his dating goals are same as yours.

Does he think you both should just “go with the flow?”

Does he believe sex in a Christian relationship is normal?

Is he dating with the intention of getting married soon?

You want to know the answers to these questions either by asking him directly, creating conversations around it and listening to him speak, or just finding out from people close to him.

Should you kiss in a Christian relationship?

3. Do you like him as a person?

You may be surprised but this is an important one amongst the christian date questions. This is a question for you. Ask yourself if you like him as a person. Your reason for getting married to him should never be just because he came to you or because you’re desperate for a relationship. That may not end well.

You must be sure that beyond the butterflies he creates in your belly, you actually like his personality and enjoy his company.

Do you like him?

4. Are you ready for a relationship?

Yes, you.

This is one of the questions to ask before dating. Before delving further into christian dating questions, ask yourself if you’re ready for a relationship and give a honest response. You have no business going into something you’re not ready for. If you need some time to sort of things going on with you, there’s nothing wrong with saying that.

If you’re in a place where your relationship with Christ is shaky and inconsistent, you want to attend to that first and forget about dating in the interim.

In the case where you have unresolved trauma and issues and want to see a therapist, you should do that first.

If you’re still hurt from your previous relationship or relationships and are yet to come to terms with how it ended and the role you played in it, it is important to do that to avoid replaying your previous relationships in this one.

There’s just a lot of things you should not take into a relationship with you. Fix them first.

5. How does he behave to people around him?

He may treat you right but does he treat people around him well? Especially people who aren’t influential or wealthy.

His behavior towards these people goes a long way to tell you the kind of person he is. Flee is his character is inconsistent. This is great christian girl dating advice.

6. Who are his friends?

You do not choose your family but to a large extent, you choose your friends. The Bible instructs us to be wary of our association because we can be influenced. Knowing a person’s friends gives you an insight into the person’s lifestyle and personality. Hence, this is one of the important questions to ask before dating and should be added to your list of questions for christian men.

Are his friends godly, responsible and kind?

Or are they sarcastic, reckless and godless?

7. Have you prayed about it?

Have you attempted taking this matter to the Lord in prayer?

Your dating life is a huge part of your life and is one part you must not leave God out of. We subject ourselves to needless pain and regret when we do not put God at the beginning.

8. Have you shared it with a trusted person?

As a Christian girl, it is important to have a wise confidant who serves as a voice of reasoning to you. This person may be a friend from church, your mum, Bible study member, mentor, etc.

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If you have such a person in your life, have you talked to them about this? This is great christian girl dating advice because in the multitude of counsel, there is safety.

9. Will a relationship with this person bring Glory to God?

So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”
‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭10:31‬ ‭NLT‬‬

If something as “little” as our eating and drinking is meant to bring Glory to God, how much more something as major as your relationship?

A relationship with a person who isn’t passionate about bringing Glory to God will lead to a relationship that does not glorify God. That’s a direct litmus test to knowing if he’s the one or not. It’s that simple.

Who you date as a Christian girl is a big deal and you must treat it as such.

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16 quotes from Why are marriages failing by Pastors Emmanuel and Laju Iren

Emmanuel Iren and laju iren

Pastor Emmanuel Iren of Celebration Church International, and his lovely wife Pastor Laju Iren did a LIVE video last week on Why are marriages failing.
These are two preachers that I absolutely love because of their soundness in communicating God’s Word.
I was so blessed by the video and took notes. I’ll leave the link to the video at the end of this post for those who want to watch.

The 16 quotes below are from the video Why are marriages failing by Pastor Emmanuel Iren and Pastor Laju Iren. Some of them are quoted verbatim, while others are not.

It is my prayer that you learn from these quotes and that you build a godly marriage and home that lasts.
May your home be built on Christ.

Why are marriages failing emmanuel Iren and Laju Iren

16 quotes from Why are marriages failing by Pastor Emmanuel Iren and Pastor Laju Iren

Just because your faves marriage failed doesn’t mean marriage is bad.

If you both didn’t keep God’s commands about things like abstinence and faithfulness before marriage, don’t expect faithfulness from your partner after marriage. There’s nothing about marriage that puts the fear of God in you if you didn’t have it in the first place.

Marriage is everything sweet but it requires hard work.

Everytime you see a marriage working, people worked it.

“Happily ever after” is where the work begins.

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Unrealistic expectations is a primary reason why people don’t enjoy their marriages.

Make your expectations realistic.

The information that surrounds you greatly influences your mindset to, and expectations in marriage.

Surround yourself with the Word of God, materials on good marriages, and mentors who have good marriages.

God’s word is ultimate. Go into marriage with a mind that is full of the word of God and a willingness to do the work of forgiveness, changing, and learning communication.

Who you are outside your relationship or marriage is exactly who you’ll be in your relationship/marriage.

Marriage will only amplify who you really are.

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The fact that some marriages are failing should not scare you. It should rather make you realize that marriage is no joke.

Entering into a marriage without preparing and expecting it to be great is as ridiculous as wanting to practice as a medical doctor or engineer without training.

It takes time to learn how marriage works. Especially if you didn’t have many great examples.

Bad marriages exist and are a reality. But they must never be exalted above the truth of God’s Word that a marriage can be absolutely beautiful.

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10 exciting things to do in your Christian relationship

Many people think Christian relationship is synonymous to boring. But nothing could be farther from the truth. There are many exciting things you can do in your Christian relationship.
A Christian relationship is one that puts Christ at the center. One that is led, bounded, and driven by the love of Christ and the principles of the Bible. Even though a Christian relationship is different from other relationships because it is guided by scriptures, it does not have to be boring in any way.

God wants us to live fruitful and happy lives. And allowing your relationship remain boring and monotonous doesn’t help much with that.

If you’re beginning to get bored in your Christian relationship and you’re looking for ideas on interesting activities you can do with your partner that remain within the boundary of your convictions, you’re in the right place.

There are many interesting activities that you and your partner can engage in and have the time of your lives. That you are Christian does not mean your are exempted from having fun. It just means that there are boundaries and extremes are not adviced.

Below are exciting things to do in your Christian relationship even if it’s a long distance relationship.

  • Pray together: Prayer is not boring. In fact, it is actually exciting when you pray together, wait on God together, and finally experience the joy that comes with answered prayers together.
  • Go on dates: Whoever told you Christian couples can’t go on dates lied to you. You can go on exciting dates, visit beautiful restaurants to eat, discuss, and just enjoy the view. Visit resorts, amusement centers, and visit beautiful places for sightseeing.
  • Schedule double dates with other Christian couples: You can reach out to your friends who are also in Christian relationships to discuss and plan a day out with your partners. This can happen in form of a picnic where you all bring edibles and spend time discussing and telling stories at a nice location, or at a restaurant. Chill, play fun games, and eat. Or in form of a prayer or Bible study meeting.
  • Movie dates: You can visit the cinema together to see entertaining, educating or edifying movies. Be sure to look through the movie before you go to ensure it is “clean”. I wouldn’t really recommend seeing a movie at each other’s place as that is not very abstinence-complaint (if you know what I mean). For long distance relationships, if you both are movie lovers, you can set a movie date where you both see an earlier chosen movie at the same time and connect over FaceTime or video call to share your favorite parts of the movie over some snacks.
  • Games: Board games, phone games, card games. Bible games. Name it. If you are both lovers of games, hop on this.
  • A cook-off competition: This one is for the food and cooking lovers. You don’t even have to be in the same place. You can play this game by using the same budget to cook different meals and determine whose meal idea was better. If you stay in the same city, the cook off competition can be done in the same place with friends over who will judge the meals.
  • Question and Answer sessions: I compiled a list of very important questions couples should ask each other and discuss before marriage. Answering these questions is not only an interesting way to spend time together. It is also a very important one. Spend time talking to each other about your upbringing, orientation, mindset and attitude to certain simple and complex things. It doesn’t always have to be serious too. You can ask easy and fun questions too. The weirdest and funniest of questions you can find online.
  • Dance off: This wouldn’t be any fun if one or both of you has 2 left feet ?
  • Find new restaurants and eat new food. Food is always fun.
  • Sharing a study together: Bible study, personal development books, or devotionals. Share relevant lessons and talk about it.
  • Travel to new places together

Are you in a Christian relationship? What do you do for fun? Let us talk in the comments.